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Data Visualization

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Invasion Percolation is the first network visualization of modern network science and the first generative network art.

It depicts a network generated by water penetrating the ground, and its formal representation is rooted in a square lattice, inspired by crystal lattices explored by physicists. The algorithm was built by Albert-László Barabási in 1994, and the surviving 1995 output opened the Hidden Patterns retrospective of BarabásiLab at ZKM Karlsruhe in 2021 and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest in 2020

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    The Billionaire project is rooted in the research behind the The Art Board work, that lead to the realization that while in the business world it is common for individuals to sit in multiple boards, in the art space it is rare to have individuals sitting on the board of multiple museums. The Billionaires investigation expands the research from billionaires to their family members. It relies on crowdsourced knowledge on 205,548 individuals, data collected by the LittleSis project. BarabasiLab identified 76 billionaires and 29 of their family members that had direct relationships to 39 art or cultural institutions. The resulting network (Image 28) reveals not only how billionaires themselves connect artistic institutions, but also how through their family members, billionaires are more embedded in the art world than their personal involvement suggests.

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