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Let's get this discussion started. Art based on large digital files is somewhat new. It does not exist in the physical world other than as data on a drive.

But will anyone want to just own a drive? This is a new medium. Are the market forces going to be the same as for all other collectable art objects or move toward something new like collectibles in video games?

This is an opportunity to reinvent the art market in a new more equitable way (for artists). It would be a shame to default to the old system simply because we were too lazy to solve the problem in a new way.

  • Michael McHugh
    January 24, 2023 · joined the group.

  • I find this concept fascinating. How blockchain can potentially track the impact of culture creators. And potentially financially compensate them for that impact over the long term. In theory the value of the creator is no long "lost" through the system controlled by (owned by) others. What do you think?

    The Reconstruction: Certifying products made with Black culture to build an ethical marketplace – on blockchain (podcast).

    ImpactAlpha, June 14 Made with Black Culture is developing a certification process to authenticate products of Black culture. Through a blockchain-based cryptographic mark, MWBC certifies products as ethical commercial uses of Black culture, even as they change hands over time. Made with Black Culture’s goal is to disrupt an industrial complex of cultural production that extracts the creativity of Black people at unfair labor costs.

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    Will anyone buy XR art? What are the new models for funding...

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