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Welcome to the XR_bank group.

We got the idea that institutions should allocate a 400 sf space with a high-end graphic workstation, a HMD, and a Roto VR Chair and start collecting or otherwise make available VR programs. Viewers may book time with the equipment online as it is available. Institutions could also offer demonstrations and tutorials to groups or individuals. We refer to those spaces as XR_banks named after the groundbreaking Canadian art collective Image Bank.

The first, pressing, topic we need to engage in is intellectual property protection, and the collection, distribution, and value of the artwork produced by artists participating in Art Reality Studio projects.

A participating Art Reality Studio artist owns everything they create using ARS provided equipment and software. Many artists create expensive, highly collectable, digital files in editions specified by the artist.

This group has been created to identify and find solutions to issues that have surfaced during the production of IVR_1 and IVR_2, the first two Art Reality Studio projects.

How does an artist create and store a digital file that is viewable and unreproducible?

How does an artist identify collectors, institutions, and art platforms that purchase or display digital art?

How does an artist make it easy for individuals and institutions to collect and display their programs?

Will limited time loans to institutions affect the value of a collector's edition?

Are the concepts of authorship and scarcity still relevant to the potential revenue a program may produce?

We welcome your opinions on these issues. Please feel free to involve anyone you believe has something to add to this discussion – we need all the help we can get.

Frank Masi

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    Many participating ARS artists create expensive, highly coll...

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